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Hi everyone!

This is your mod,
<lj user="tripleofive">, otherwise known as Incandescentkitsune.

This is a community for Kenshin/Tomoe, which means you can post fanart, fanfic, meta, or just discussions about Kenshin, Tomoe or Kenshin/Tomoe.

You CAN NOT bash Tomoe or Kenshin/Tomoe, and whilst secondary pairings are fine, please don't post a fic where Kenshin/Tomoe is just there to turn into Kenshin/Kaoru.

Okay, now that the boring rule stuff is out of the way, onto the introduction!

If you want to post an introductory post, please use the form below  - just copy and paste. You don't have to do a post to join, so don't worry!

Username: tripleofive

Penname (optional): IncandescentKitsune

How long have you been in RK fandom? About four or five years.

Favourit character, male: Kenshin

Favourite character, female: Tomoe

Other favourite pairings: Kenshin/Enishi, Enishi/Tomoe, Kenshin/Saitou, Akira/Tomoe/Kenshin, Kenshin/Katsura, Okita/Kenshin, Everyone/Kenshin…

Have you contributed to the Kenshin/Tomoe fandom at all? I’ve written a short oneshot on them, titled season, and I’ve started a drabble collection ,and some of the drabbles are KxT

What’s your favourite type of Kenshin/Tomoe fic? I like modern day AU, Fantasy AU, and fics that go more indepth into scenes we saw in the manga – ordidn’t get to see as the case may be.

Do you have any Kenshin/Tomoe doujinshi? No, unfortunately…I live in hope though!

(Optional) What are 3 of your fanon facts about Kenshin, Tomoe or Kenshin/Tomoe?

      - In the OVA, their last night in the cottage was the first time they had sex

- Shinta’s slave caravan was headed for the red lights district.

- Tomoe’s tanto belonged to her mother.

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