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30Kisses- Kenshin/Tomoe

Well, I signed up for Thirty Kisses - Pairing Kenshin/Tomoe
And I just finished the first ficlet!
Here it is!

Title: Dragonflies by tripleofive

Prompt: #1 look over here

Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin

Pairing: Kenshin Himura x Tomoe Yukishiro Himura

Rating: for everyone


It was a beautiful day.


Smiling softly, Tomoe laid gentle black eyes on her husbands form. He was bent over a vegetable stall, inspecting the produce and talking to the farmer who ran it. Their garden was still new, and they were unused to farming, so they relied mainly on Kenshin’s fogged memories of farming, and the help and advice of their neighbours.


Suddenly struck by an idea, Tomoe’s eyes glinted mischievously as she walked towards Kenshin, cat silent. It was so much easier to be silent in zori then in clacking geta, she mused.


Holding her breath as he came within reach, Tomoe carefully reached out and placed her hands over his eyes, long sleeves dangling down around his face.


Kenshin had known she was near the moment he smelled white plums.

Her ki was quiet, soft, flowing like air, or moonlight on water, and avoiding any attempts to pin it down, and yet he always knew where she was.


 “I saw red dragonflies today.” She said softly, as he grasped her hands and pulled them from his eyes while he turned to face her.


She was not smiling, but her face was soft, and her eyes were warm.

Kenshin smiled for her.




“Aa.” she nodded. “If you see red dragonflies, then you will have good luck in all your endeavours, my mother used to say.”


“Aa.” He said again. “We should go.” Turning to the farmer he thanked him for his help before starting towards the  trail out of the village.


Walking back to the little cottage Katsura-san had provided that was slowly becoming synonymous with ‘home’ in his mind, Kenshin was startled by a soft exclamation.



Whirling, he discounted an attack before he even finished the turn,as she didn’t sound frightened…but almost…happy.

Despite that, he was surprised to see her beckoning him over, a small, almost imperceptible smile on her face.


“Anata, look over here.”


He followed her gaze – and spotted two red dragonflies hovering next to each other.

She turned to him, eyes smiling. “Now we will both have good luck in all our endeavours…”


He turned to her, taking in the porcelain complexion, the inky blackness of her hair and eyes, the slight part of soft pink lips…


Good luck in all our endeavours…


Swiftly, almost without thinking of it, he reached down and placed a gentle kiss at the corner of those lips, butterfly soft.


“I guess your mother was right.” He said softly, more amused then he perhaps should have been by her expression.


Then he turned, and continued walking. After a moment, he heard her start after him, and the scent of white plum hovered around them both.


He found he rather liked red dragonflies.

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