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Introductions! (Take Two ~_~)



So I just had a massive LJ fail there... >_> hopefully no one saw that... And I'm going to try very hard not to cry because I spent the last hour writing up and intro post and then then instead of the thing I just spent forever and a day writing... @_@ a saved draft of the last thing I posted to my personal journal goes up instead. WTH LJ!?!? WTH!?!?!


And now I don't feel like trying to go back and rewrite what I had before so...

Long story short:
My name is Jessie. I've been in the fandom since 2002. Kenshin x Tomoe is my OTP and I ship it like burning. I have on WIP adult fiction (the craptastic beginnings of which are in my personal LJ somewhere) which is basically their first time together after getting married on the way to Otsu. I've done some fanart of Tomoe, which can be found on my DA page. I like coloring manga pages, which I just stick up on photobucket now because DA started being a jerk regarding colorings. I do a lot of LJ RP, my strongest muses being Kenshin (crossshapedscar//heart0fsword and Tomoe (willing_sheath) (in different games, of course).

Well. :/ I guess that's it. *weeps over lost post, as this one is much fail*

Tries to make up for it with a couple colored manga pages!!!

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Hi everyone!

This is your mod,
<lj user="tripleofive">, otherwise known as Incandescentkitsune.

This is a community for Kenshin/Tomoe, which means you can post fanart, fanfic, meta, or just discussions about Kenshin, Tomoe or Kenshin/Tomoe.

You CAN NOT bash Tomoe or Kenshin/Tomoe, and whilst secondary pairings are fine, please don't post a fic where Kenshin/Tomoe is just there to turn into Kenshin/Kaoru.

Okay, now that the boring rule stuff is out of the way, onto the introduction!

If you want to post an introductory post, please use the form below  - just copy and paste. You don't have to do a post to join, so don't worry!

Username: tripleofive

Penname (optional): IncandescentKitsune

How long have you been in RK fandom? About four or five years.

Favourit character, male: Kenshin

Favourite character, female: Tomoe

Other favourite pairings: Kenshin/Enishi, Enishi/Tomoe, Kenshin/Saitou, Akira/Tomoe/Kenshin, Kenshin/Katsura, Okita/Kenshin, Everyone/Kenshin…

Have you contributed to the Kenshin/Tomoe fandom at all? I’ve written a short oneshot on them, titled season, and I’ve started a drabble collection ,and some of the drabbles are KxT

What’s your favourite type of Kenshin/Tomoe fic? I like modern day AU, Fantasy AU, and fics that go more indepth into scenes we saw in the manga – ordidn’t get to see as the case may be.

Do you have any Kenshin/Tomoe doujinshi? No, unfortunately…I live in hope though!

(Optional) What are 3 of your fanon facts about Kenshin, Tomoe or Kenshin/Tomoe?

      - In the OVA, their last night in the cottage was the first time they had sex

- Shinta’s slave caravan was headed for the red lights district.

- Tomoe’s tanto belonged to her mother.